The Pig Island in the Bahamas

If you are going to visit the Bahamas, you should take the Big Major Cay Island in the Exuma archipelago. Tourists call this place the Pig Island in the Bahamas or land of Exuma swimming pigs. And it is really truth. Big Major Cay is the paradise island without hotels, where the swimming pigs live like exclusive inhabitants of the island.

Nobody knows the truly history of appearance of the swimming pigs in the Bahamas. But wherever they came from, they have been living here several decades at least. According to first old legend some times ago filibusters or sailors brought the first usual pigs for saving strategic stockpile of food. Left them and couldn’t come back. Hoggies adapted for living in island and learned swimming for getting food. Another legend says that pigs appeared here after the shipwreck. However, it seams more believable, that the local people delivered the pigs on the island. Somebody says that there were local farmers from the neighboring islands. The most popular version says it was done by Bahamas islands administration for tourist entertainment and business. The sea excursion to the Pig Island in the Bahamas is very popular now. In 2009 underwater photographer Eric Cheng visited this place and posted his photo with amassing swimming pigs in the Internet. Ever since the Pig Island became the one of the most popular places in the Bahamas.

The Pig Island in the Bahamas

The island of the Exuma swimming pigs looks like a real heaven for them. It has fresh water, soft sand and bigger neighboring islands defend it from effects of tropical storms. Today more then forty amassing swimming pigs live there: big and small, pink, carrot, black and spotty. Each of them can swim very well from childhood. People on the spot generally look after the hogs. They feed pigs themselves and keep strict watch what exactly food tourists give to the piggies. Especially for this native people build a bar on the Pig Island for selling suitable pigs food. Because people feed them, the hogs are very friendly and sociable. They are not afraid of people and jump into the water once they see tourists. The most active of them try to climb into the boat and welcome tourists with happy scream. If you like animals you may swim with pigs, get a suntan with them and take a photo in the midst of the sweet piglets. This is really exclusive amusement. For instance, the swimming with dolphin you can try anywhere, but swimming with pigs — only in the Bahamas!

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