New York deaths tour

New York deaths tour

Being in the Big Apple you may get inside New York’s most unique tour vehicle and take an unforgetable journey to the sites where famous New Yorker’s have died and famous New York City deaths have taken place. Of course you should be that kind of a person who doesn’t scare black stories.

Drew Raphael had worked in corporate America for many years, but dreamed of developing his own business. One day he passed by the building where Heath Ledger overdosed and passed away. He saw crowds of people walking by the building taking photos. The sight gave Drew an idea. If so many people were interested in the celebrity’s death, why wouldn’t they take a tour of various sites within the city where other famous New Yorkers had passed away?

Drew learned all about famous people who passed away in New York City, and how and where they died. He found many interesting stories and realized that there just might be a unique business he could create from his newfound knowledge. That was the start of the Dead Apple Tours company.

Drew bought a classic 1960 Cadillac Superior Crown Royale combination hearse, had it restored and reequipped. Now Desdemona, the Hearse, driven and guided by two people dressed as funeral directors, holds 7 passengers…sitting up and delivers tourists to the lower Manhattan, to the places, where Oscar-winner Heath Ledger succumbed to drugs, where Keith Haring passed away, and where James Monroe spent his final days. The tour will also reveal the secrets of “The Hangman’s Elm”, “Dead Man’s Curve”, and many other morbid sites that only Drew knows about.

Drew hopes to start an uptown tour sometime later this year. Expect that tour to view the building on East 72nd Street and York Avenue, where Yankee pitcher Corey Lidle crashed his plane, and Sparks Restaurant, where mafia boss Paul Castellano was gunned down.

Tickets for the two hour tour are $45 per person and private tours in Dead Apple Tours are also available.



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