Ice Aquarium

Ice Aquarium

As life it shows an aquarium doesn’t have to be filled with alive sea creatures. Frozen ones are OK too. Being in Japan in the town of Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, you may visit the “Kori no Suizokukan” (Ice Aquarium) with around 450 specimens of fish from over 80 different species in ice columns.

Sea ex-inhabitants are flash frozen in a life-like state after being unloaded from fishing vessels at a nearby port. Now octopuses, salmon, crabs, saury and other local sea creatures gaze out sightlessly upon humans out of 50 clear ice bricks illuminated with pale blue lighting.

The «cryotaxidermy» Aquarium is equipped with powerful refrigerator system hoping to beat the heat of Japan’s notoriously hot & humid summer. It is constantly working to keep the ambient temperature at a minus 20 degrees Celsius (-5F). Visitors are able to wear protective clothing to help them stay warm while browsing the eerily motionless displays, but that’s no good for long time, so nobody are used to be delayed in the ice aquarium.

Why did such a place appeared? Obviously the ice aquarium is relative to the excellent Maguro (tuna) Sashimi restaurant situated just next door. This is a perfect attraction for travelers, isn’t it?

UPD. It seems Ice Aquarium is closed since March 11, 2013.

Ice Aquarium

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