Corruption guided tours

Corruption guided tours

Corruption flourishes in many parts of the world though its level of penetration into the society differs from country to country. And inhabitants are curious of corruption facts as they are often kept secret. Some Czech adventurous people decided tourists and locals will willingly spend a couple of hours and some hundred korunas to have a look at Czech less noble alleged activities. That was the start of CorruptTour guided tours.

As says Prague City Hall has worked tirelessly to make its sister city Chicago proud. The agency offers several tours to find out how. They take place in the Ministry of the Interior, the residence of the President — Prague Castle, several local hospitals notorious for graft and sleaze, the town of Ústí nad Labem where former presidential advisor Marek Dalik, who was involved in a bribery scandal, began his career. All tours are conducted by bus with skilled guides. Tours last for an average of three hours and souvenirs are available.

Though the Czech organized corruption guided tours we believe the situation in the country is not so bad. Anyway it would be interesting to view places of interest along with unusual stories.

Corruption guided tours



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