Blue Smurfs village in Spain

Blue Smurfs village

Júzcar used to be a traditional white village situated near Malaga in Andalucía bu last summer it has been chosen by Sony Pictures as the setting for the premiere of their new film “The Smurfs 3D”. To gain more publicity Sony’s experts have come up with an innovative idea to paint the whole village blue! Now traveling in Spain you may visit almost real Smurfs settlement.

In summer 2011 a team of 20 painters — 11 of which are villagers — has been hard at work painting Júzcar’s 175 buildings including the church and gravestones. Pets fortunately were not painted blue.

After the promotion Sony were to repaint Júzcar white but villagers voted to remain the buildings Smurf blue. The point is that all the media exposure has had a very positive effect on the village’s coffers as tourists come to take pictures of the famous Smurf Village. Previously, about 300 tourists a year would pass through Júzcar. In the past six months, an estimated 80,000 travelers preferred to watch the village of “Los Pitufos”, as the Smurfs are known in Spanish, with their own eyes. Business is booming — all the 221 villagers are happy.

Blue Smurfs village

The village even organizes special events such as Smurf painting competitions, a Smurf moonlight fun run, and Smurf trade fairs. There are even Smurf-themed weddings to keep tourists coming.

So why did Sony choose this small settlement in the hills for their world premiere? It seems that Júzcar is popular among mycologists and the Smurfs are known to love mushrooms. Fungi flourish in large quantities each autumn in dense local woodland and in September Júzcar celebrated its fifth annual mycology congress.

Blue Smurfs village

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