New Life of Business Class Interior

Bijenkorf department store

One shouldn’t hurry up to put aside old, unnecessary items. If to switch on imagination and to add up a little of creativity, you’ll be able to inspire any item with new life. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines decided to forward exactly this way with its old Business Class interior items. Due to project founded together with Design Academy Eindhoven from Holland, Business Class interior were inspired a new life by 14 students of the Academy.

The idea to create transformers from the old interior items was born after introducing a new interior design of KLM’s World Business Class. KLM Company was confused having no idea what to do with the old materials. So, they organized cooperative project Plane to Product together with Design Academy Eindhoven. It wasn’t accident cooperation: industrial designer Hella Jongerius who took part in designing of new interior graduated from this renowned Academy.

To realize the project Plane to Product the students were given about three months. Their aim was to create a new practical and helpful travel items design using at least 70% of recycled materials. As part of the project young designers created the following items: kid’s backpack, slippers for on-board use, training tools for activity stimulating during a flight, privacy headpiece and other items. All the items are of high quality and great design.

Plane to Product

Fransje GimbrereFransje Gimbrere Design Academy’s student

Designing for KLM was very exciting. Having a look behind the scenes and diving into the identity of such a grand company was very interesting and enjoyable.

Redesigned items from new collection are not for sale. The best eight designs were picked out to be exposed in a windowcase at de Bijenkorf department store in Amsterdam during June 1–15, year 2015.

Plane to Product project is a bright proof what can be done with materials that were almost to become a waste. Instead of this, they inspired a new design and along with it — a new life.


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