To see the world is probably the reason to live. Though it sounds quite pretentious but think yourself, what the use of your being on earth if you don’t even know what it looks like. And be sure pictures and descriptions of beauty (and ugliness) of our world give you just a cursory view, just a stimulus to see everything by yourself.

Without traveling you cannot get the other culture person’s way of thinking and consequently judge world events right. Besides that sitting at home deprives you of joy from discovering the new things.

Travelever.com hopes to show how many interesting and unusual places, things and objects exist on earth whether you have heard about them or not. And all of them are worth to be seen with your own eyes and felt with your own skin to understand the life next to your usual place and far from it.

The world consists not only of your room with a computer inside, your workplace and a supermarket between them. Fortunately it’s affordable to be a resident of the whole Earth but not of a small location – just book a ticket, a hotel room, buy an excursion or rent a car and play it off the cuff. Today traveling is as easy as a pie.